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“Ergonomics is a science that helps improve products, processes and tools to help people work and live better and to prevent injury.”



Our Ergonomics Specialists are all licensed Doctor's of Physical Therapy with various certifications including Certified Ergonomics Assessment Specialists. Whether your system includes a desk setup, carrying heavy equipment or repetitive daily tasks, LINQ Wellness's Ergonomics Specialists will create a unique ergonomics session for you, your group or workplace. We offer customized one-on-one or group sessions to educate individuals on ergonomics, posture and workspace set up to prevent injuries and improve their overall wellness.

Ergonomic Keyboards

A self-paced video course on ergonomics at your desk including education on proper posture, workspace set up, and exercises to prevent injuries and improve overall wellness. You will also learn ways to implement movement and activity into your workday. 

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